The patient was admitted to the general medical unit with a history of alcoholism. A is in progress and he has recurrent episodes of this rhythm. You review his chart. Notes about the 12-lead ECG say that his baseline QT-interval is top normal to slightly prolonged. He has received 2 doses of epinephrine 1 mg and 1 dose of amiodarone 300 mg IV so far. For his next medication you would now order:
repeat amiodarone 300 mg IV
repeat amiodarone 150 mg IV
give magnesium sulfate 1 to 2 g IV diluted in 10 mL D5W given over 10 -20 mins.
give sodium bicarb 50 mEq IV
lidocaine 1 to 1.5 mg IV and start infusion 2 mg/minute
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